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IN THE FIELD: Bear Fever

December 31, 2013 26 comments


There is a small town near our home where I can be found snooping around in search of new and interesting subjects to learn about and to photograph.

It is filled with architecture from the early part of the century and some buildings even date back further. Most of the older homes have stained glass windows and intricate scroll work on the window frames. In addition to all the interesting building designs is another charming characteristic of this town. It’s the town mascot. The Bears.


I have managed to photograph a handful of the bears that are situated throughout town, but I have a long way to go. Reportedly there are 61 bears of various themes waiting for me to discover. Good thing I have a map!






IN THE FIELD: Further Explorations Needed

December 9, 2013 21 comments


Last week I was out exploring a small town not far from where we live. I have driven through the town in the past, mostly as a shortcut to get to somewhere else, but never took the time to stop.

I walked up and down a few streets and not only discovered a wealth of photographic opportunities, but found an interesting town whose history goes back to the early 1700’s.

In the center of town is a hotel built in the late 1800‘s. It has been converted into multiple storefronts, one of which is a cooking school open to folks of all ages. Several old bank buildings decorated for the Holiday season also stand proudly in the center of town.


There are restaurants, a brew pub, small shops, and businesses, and even a bed and breakfast lining the main streets. Many of the older homes and buildings have stained glass windows and ornate iron work adorning the facades.




I’m glad I spent some time wandering the streets. I found all kinds of interesting subjects and look forward to some more snooping around town. I even got to see the Statue Of Liberty!



IN THE FIELD: Not Your Ordinary…

November 25, 2013 18 comments


Last Thursday I was out shopping in one of the local stores in the area and discovered these brightly colored objects. I have never seen these ordinary, utilitarian, useful, and handy items in such vibrant colors. They brought a smile to my face and I had to get a photo. This shot was taken with my iPhone.


IN THE FIELD: Farm Fresh Sculpture

September 11, 2013 20 comments


This past weekend we took a leisurely drive out in unexplored farm country. The rolling hills and pastures were covered in green grass and stands of corn waiting to be harvested.

As we drove along a winding road, we came across several fields of recently harvested hay which was formed into huge bales. Curiously, the hay bales were stacked three to a stack and seemed to be placed randomly throughout the fields.

My wife and I have been around farming communities most of our lives, but have never seen hay bales standing like sentinels in a field before.

These stacks of hay reminded us of the sculptures on Easter Island. Perhaps the farmer was in a creative mood the day of harvesting and was thinking the same thing.

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ISO 200

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June 14, 2013 21 comments


The majority of my photographic adventures take place in the great outdoors…where I come across scenic vistas, small towns, wildlife, flowers, and natural wonders.

Recently, I was photographing early 20th century architecture in a nearby small town. I went inside the local library that was built in 1902. I had a feeling I would find some great shots of the moldings, windows and structural details that were used during that time period.

I did discover carvings, ornate columns, a huge fireplace with an extravagant mantle, and many other details inside the library. But…there were quite a few folks studying and doing research. It was a little awkward trying to get some shots and not disturb anyone, so I decided to come back another day when it wasn’t so busy.

As I was walking down the steps to the foyer, something told me to stop and look up. And that’s when I saw this hanging entrance light. It’s made of metal bands and tiny light bulbs.



ISO 400

cloudy WB

IN THE FIELD: Bigger Can Be Better

September 28, 2012 24 comments

My sister has a menagerie of critters in her back yard, and many of them are not shy of humans. You can walk right up to them and they rarely move from their position.

They are also very easy to take care of. She has mentioned in the past, none of the animals have fussy diets, and they really don’t mind where they sleep. As long as someone comes out to visit them from time to time, they are perfectly content.

This shot was taken with my 35mm lens. I was shooting in mid-day and the rooster was in bright shade, so I under-exposed the shot 1/3rd stop to saturate the colors.


September 26, 2012 20 comments

This past Sunday we took the pups to the city to visit the arboretum. We hadn’t been there in a month or so, and thought it would be a nice treat for them, and for us also.

The recent rains rejuvenated the gardens and everything is doing really well. The cooler early morning temperatures brought out more folks than usual to walk their dogs or to go for a jog in the park.

There are many sculptures placed throughout the grounds, and the one pictured here was just recently installed. I have no idea what this stone sculpture is meant to represent, as there were no identifying marks or descriptive plaques anywhere. It reminds me of the statues called moai, on Easter Island.

IN THE FIELD: A Hair Salon?

September 10, 2012 23 comments

I have my camera with me at all times. Even when running errands. I just never know when something will inspire me or when I will come across an interesting subject to photograph.

This past Saturday I dropped my wife off at her hair salon. It is in a part of the city that for us, is mostly unexplored territory. My intentions were to wander about outside looking for inspiration in the local architecture, while my wife was at her appointment. She suggested I come inside first to meet everyone, and then go play. I obliged, but never did make it outdoors. I found plenty of subjects inside.

I wandered about the shop photographing the various displays and artwork. It just goes to show, there are interesting subjects to photograph everywhere.


IN THE FIELD: M.A.D. (Multiple Addiction Disorder)

April 9, 2012 33 comments

I have to admit that garden centers are not my only addiction, and don’t ask me why, but every once in awhile I need a farm equipment fix, so I headed over to the store where we bought our lawn tractor. This store sells giant sized tractors, attachments and equipment used on a working farm. In addition to all the full sized farm equipment, they also sell machines for the homeowner. Such as lawnmowers, garden and lawn tractors, snow blowers and other lawn maintenance equipment.

Although I would love to own a farm tractor or a combine, I’m not exactly sure what I would do with it since we don’t live on a farm. I guess driving my large lawn tractor up and down the hills of our property will have to do. Darn, those combines are really cool.

The salesman who sold us our tractor has become a good friend. And after catching up on each other’s latest doings, I headed out to the yard to hang out with the really big machines and to photograph them in the morning light.

This is a photo of part of a ten wheeled star wheel hay rake. It is towed behind a tractor and used to gather the cut or mowed hay or straw into windrows for later collection. It is then gathered up by another piece of machinery and formed into bales.


INSPIRATION: Garden Sculpture – We All Have Our Favorites

March 14, 2012 14 comments

When photographing gardens, I like to look for those special touches the owners have added to their space, in addition to their selections of plants and flowers. These touches add their unique personality to a garden space.

Some folks install classic or historical statues to evoke a formal, more tailored look to the grounds. Others add fountains, which can be utilitarian as well as providing relaxing sounds and movement. Or sculptures moved by breezes providing interest and another focal point in the garden.

A lot of people use colorful pots and urns to brighten up a shady area. And gazing balls do add reflections…although I have to admit never seeing anyone actually go up and stare at one.

And some sculptures simply bring a bit of whimsy into the garden space. Just because.