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INSPIRATION: Building Relationships In The Field

April 4, 2012 28 comments

In a previous post titled, In The Field: Asking Permission, I wrote about the importance of asking permission before taking photos at garden centers, markets and other public venues, as well as private properties. I thought this would be a good time of year for a refresher course as many of us are emerging from our winter hibernations.

Whenever you come across a potential photographic subject at a public or private location, it’s always best to take care of a small, but simple detail.

Before unloading all your camera gear, chat with the owners for a few minutes before bringing up the fact you are a photographer. Introduce yourself, mention where you are from, and tell them how much you admire what it is you want to photograph. Then, if you are getting a positive response, ask if you can take some photos. This little bit of common courtesy will help tremendously in your quest to capture what is displayed on their property that captured your interest. And the owners won’t think you are some kind of evil prowler. In return for allowing the privilege of getting some photos, offer them a print or to email them an file of one of your best shots that day. Simply put, take the time to establish a relationship.

Whenever I am out and about and come across a place I’ve never been to, if time permits I will stop in and check the place out. If it has potential, I’ll tell them who I am and explain what I want to do. Whether I intend to photograph something at the present time or in the future, I take the time to get to know the owner of the property or manager of the business. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to gain their confidence. And mentioning I won’t include any price tags or signage in my photos is very reassuring to a retailer, for example. After all, I wouldn’t want them to think I was a spy working for their competition. Besides, why would I want a big ‘ole sign in my photo anyway?