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INSPIRATION: Adding The Human Element

February 10, 2012 33 comments

Portraiture is not my usual venue for photography since I primarily shoot outdoors and nature. Although I do include people in my compositions occasionally, to enhance the overall mood in a scene or if I want to provide a sense of scale.

I have shown this photo to quite a few people to gauge their reaction. The responses have been varied, with many folks saying it is peaceful, while some have described it as moody, and others feel is it contemplative. Relaxed, saddened, and exhausted have been other responses. Everyone seems to interpret the mood of this image in their own way, which is what I expected.

Adding the human element can change the entire dynamics of an image. However, there are times when we are out shooting solo and there is no one else around to be our model. In these situations, a self-portrait can be the answer.

It’s really easy to accomplish a self-portrait without a lot of expensive equipment. Set up the camera on a tripod, rock or some other stationary object. Compose the shot, and determine where you would like to be in the scene. Set the self-timer for length of time you need to get into position and look natural. Press the shutter release, move to your pre-determined spot then relax. The shutter will click, and there you have a photo with a person in it.

When most folks view photos or paintings which include the human element, they often imagine themselves or someone they know being in that scene. This added feature can make for a more successful image. Worth a shot or two.