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IN THE FIELD: A Monster In The Sky

February 24, 2012 33 comments

Living in the woods has its advantages for wildlife observation, especially when walking the dogs. We never know what we may come across on our morning adventures with “our puppies”.

Deer are too big and fast to chase so they just growl and stare at them. Chipmunks are always exciting creatures to startle from rock outcroppings. The dog’s leashes tighten up and we have to hold on for dear life as they try to catch them. Rabbits get the same response. Squirrels don’t offer much excitement any more…just a dumb ole squirrel is the look we get from the pups. Songbirds are plentiful as well. Again, the same look…they’re just birds.

All bets are off if we come across a flock of wild turkeys. “Yahoo let’s go git ‘em! After all…aren’t they just big chickens??” Our dogs love chicken…it is their favorite treat topping to a Saturday night dinner.

One day this past fall we were out on our daily walkabout on a beautiful crisp morning. There wasn’t much animal activity, so the dogs were doing the usual “we’re bored” routine and were dawdling along. Suddenly, we all heard a noise up in the trees that we don’t usually hear. We humans knew what it was, but the doggies never heard anything like this before. They gave us a look we interpreted as…

“Look, a big monster and it’s going to attack us! Run fast! It’s making loud swooshing noises and it breathes fire! And we hear voices too!”

In between bouts of laughter it took quite a bit of re-assuring to calm them down. Especially after we hollered good morning to the humans waving at us from this monster’s belly flying overhead at tree top level.