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IN THE FIELD: Scouting a Location

March 12, 2012 27 comments

When asked to do an outdoor photo shoot of a garden, if at all possible, I like to visit the location beforehand to get the lay of the land. It allows me to relax and get a feel for the place. I search around the gardens looking for the best compositions of plantings, garden architecture, and sculpture. And most importantly, look for the best ways to represent the client’s wishes.

One of the most important details I check is the direction of sunlight, the best times of day to shoot various areas of the garden, and where I can place the tripod without trampling the garden beds. I often take a few quick shots with different lenses to review a few days before I actually do the shoot. This can save me a bit of time in the field by choosing the right focal length lens for a particular scene. In most instances this works, but as we know, light is always changing as are the gardens themselves.

By visiting the location and spending some time in the landscape, I have more time for discovery rather than being surprised the day of the shoot.

This piece of garden art was not easy to miss on my latest scouting excursion. It has got to be the largest watering can I have ever seen, as it was easily five foot tall. It would probably hold 50 gallons of water…enough to water most gardens twice. I’m just not sure how anyone would pick it up!