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INSPIRATION: Final Countdown Until Spring

March 19, 2012 38 comments

One day last week I visited the Art Museum and Planetarium in our nearby city. They are selling our Gardenscape book in the museum gift shop, and I stopped by to take care of some business. After I finished my visit with the folks in the gift shop, I took a quick walk around the museum grounds.

There are walking paths along a stream, gardens and numerous sculptures within an arboretum. Since I had a few other book promotion stops to make, I was not able to spend a lot of time. But I did stay long enough to get some shots of early spring bulbs.

These crocuses were blooming in a long, raised stone bed along with groupings of daffodils of assorted sizes. I am glad I took the time to photograph these small spring flowers, because I revisited the garden a few days later and they were finished blooming until next spring.