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July 22, 2018 7 comments


Summer storms. 

A few days ago a strong line of storms were predicted to blow through the area. As the day progressed, huge cloud formations began to build. And sure enough, my phone and iPad started going nuts with audible weather alerts and messages of impending doom. I.E. Heavy rain, lightning, flash flooding, possible hail, and strong winds which could lead to mesocyclone winds and even tornados. 

I looked out the front windows and judging by how the trees were now bending over from the increasing winds, and the skies were really darkening, a nasty storm was brewing. And it wasn’t far away. Then a quick peek out the back window revealed what was really in store. I literally said out loud…“uh oh”.  

Not knowing how much time I had before the skies let loose, I quickly grabbed the camera and went outback to get a few shots of the stormy clouds. It was really windy so I figured by going out back I would be sheltered from the wind and all the debris that was flying around. Well at least somewhat sheltered.

It was quite easy to see the rotation of the clouds…right above me. I mean the clouds were really spinning. That’s probably why the last alert I heard and read before going outside was a tornado warning.

I was only outside long enough to get a few shots. As much as I enjoy inclement weather, that was long enough. The experience was pretty exciting and rather scary at the same time!

White Balance: cloudy

ISO: 640

Shutter: 1/50







IN THE FIELD: Clouds And Sun

August 19, 2013 22 comments


A couple of days ago, the forecast was for strong thunder storms and possible tornados in the afternoon. The valley where we live is the perfect runway for wind storms. Tornados are a rarity here, but small ones have been known to form.

When we first heard about the possible heavy storms, it seemed a little odd since it was a beautiful summer day. The skies were blue with a few puffy clouds scattered about. Then the clouds began to mass together and build in height. At first it was rather pretty. But as we watched the cumulonimbus clouds build to well over 30,000 feet, we started to get a little apprehensive. And wonder which corner of the basement would be the safest.

Luckily, it never did rain or do much of anything else. The menacing skies moved eastward and out of our view. But for a while there, it sure looked like the unfriendly clouds were going to swallow up the countryside.

f 9


ISO 100

cloudy WB


IN THE FIELD: Sunset Views

April 7, 2013 18 comments


Finding good vantage points for sunrise and sunset photos in the valley near where we live is not that difficult. Most of the small country roads criss-crossing the farms and small towns in the area eventually make their way to the rims of the valley. From these vantage points, the views can extend for miles, so it’s just a matter of waiting for the right light. And for the relentless wind to end. A good sturdy tripod is a necessity.

This time of the year, we’ve been experiencing sustained winds of 10-20+ mph and gusts to about 30mph. March came in like a lion and never left. For several nights I have witnessed magnificent skies. But with the high winds, and the real-feel temperatures in the teens, it just wasn’t practical for photographing sunsets.

Finally one night the conditions eased up a bit as the sun neared the horizon. I mounted the camera on my tripod and got a few shots of this sunset. And I didn’t even have to tie sandbags, heavy boulders, or a ship’s anchor onto the tripod to keep it from blowing away.

This shot was underexposed 1 full stop from the camera’s recommended setting in order to intensify the color a bit.



ISO 200

WB Cloudy