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IN THE FIELD: Another Good Neighbor

May 11, 2012 22 comments

It’s been said, you can’t pick your neighbors. There are good ones and bad ones and if you are lucky, the bad ones move away. Far, far away.

We’ve been fortunate to have pretty good ones. One I mentioned in a previous post. He lives across the street and planted a wildflower garden alongside of the road. And soon I will have plenty of photo opportunities a short walk from my door. How cool is that!

Another neighbor has a small garden flanking both sides of his mailbox. There is a nice variety of specimens just starting to bloom. This Clematis climbing the wooden post for his mailbox is one of them. It burst into full blown glory in just two days.

It’s a convenient place to photograph flowers in the morning light. Partly because we are out walking the dogs early in the morning, and this little garden spot is the perfect place for them to take a break…and stop and smell everything. Which allows me to get some shots while they are busy investigating to see what other critters may have visited the garden overnight.

The mailbox garden was brightened by the early morning sun, allowing for a fast shutter speed, and a good depth of field, without having to bump up the ISO past 200.

I squatted down, turned myself into a stable shooting platform and hand-held the camera for this shot.

It’s so considerate of our neighbors to provide me with all these photo opportunities. I wonder what’s further up the street and around the bend…