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October 30, 2018 2 comments



Car shows are what I like to call “a gathering of mobile works of art”.

You can find all kinds of shapes, styles and models represented from stock as the manufacturer originally made the vehicle, to full out customs. Some cars and trucks are loaded with chrome adornments and some vehicles are customized with almost none. Paint schemes are always a treat to see since imagination is the only limit as to what colors of the rainbow are used to color the car or truck.

One thing you may want to consider when visiting a car show is to plan on spending way way way more time there than you would think you will need. The owners of the cars and trucks love to talk about the vehicle they brought to the show. The amount of automotive history you can learn in an afternoon is amazing. 

In addition to the car owners, fellow spectators are also a fun bunch to hang out with. Hearing their stories of previous shows and their interest in cars and trucks can keep you occupied for quite awhile. And sometimes you may be lucky enough to meet folks who are building a special vehicle of their own. Just don’t forget to check out the rest of the vehicles! 

When I come across a vehicle I would like to photograph, I always chat with the owner for a spell before I ask if I can get a few shots of their pride and joy. So far I’ve never had anyone say no. It’s great that the owners are so accommodating. 

The most recent car show I visited was at the Oley Valley Fair which took place a few weeks ago. See previous post. Cars were on display from the 1920’s to present day, so there was something there for all to enjoy.



IN THE FIELD: 1950’s Style

October 8, 2013 33 comments


Last weekend I was in another of my favorite haunts…a local hardware store. While I was in line to pay for my merchandise, I just happened to look out the storefront windows. There in the parking lot was a pristine car from the 1950‘s. Turns out, it was 1955 Buick Special. As you can well imagine, I had to get a few photos of this classic vehicle.

I found the owner and chatted with him for a few minutes about the car before asking him if I could get a few photos. He agreed and was quite flattered I wanted to photograph his car.

We walked over to my Jeep so I could grab my camera, and we then headed over to his car. He casually mentioned the Buick was recently restored. In fact it was restored from the chassis up to the roof following the original specifications. It sure was a beauty.

A few days later I sent him a few sample photos via e-mail. As soon as our schedules permit, we will meet at a more suitable location and I will conduct a proper photo shoot of his pride and joy.