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Tooting Our Own Horn

February 6, 2012 54 comments

aka Blatant Self-Promotion

I consider myself an ordinary guy who loves the outdoors and has a passion for photography, and am fortunate to have been able to combine the two for many years. And even though my images have been published throughout my photographic career, I still get a kick out of it every time.

A number of months ago, my wife and I decided to collaborate on a project. Actually, it started as an idea for a Christmas gift for our friends and family. My wife is an art director for an advertising design studio, and well on her way in her journey as a writer. And me…well, you know my story.

We thought we would put together a book featuring my floral photography and her prose and design. The thing is, we did not want an encyclopedic or field guide approach. We wanted a different viewpoint. So, my wife suggested the book be written from the floral’s point-of-view. She asked the question: what would a sunflower have to say if it could speak?

And that is how we came up with the concept for our first book titled “Voices In The Gardenscape.”

What an amazing experience it has been. From the first cull of images and final selections, to writing the prose and completing the book layout, down to the dilemma of traditional versus self-publishing. And somehow along the way, the project grew from a holiday gift to friends and family into something we wanted to share with folks outside of our inner circle.

And guess what…we did it! Not only that, I am in the process of doing the first cull of images for a second book in the series. Same “voices” premise…just a different topic.

So, if you would like to see what I have been up to for the last few months, take a peek at the “Look Inside” web gallery via the weblink below. And I will keep you in the loop about our adventures of the next installment in the series.

And while I am here writing such a personal post…I wanted to thank all of you who take the time to click a “like” button or post a comment. Your responses are very much appreciated and I never take them for granted.

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