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IN THE FIELD: Hardware Store Deja Vu

December 11, 2013 18 comments


Hardware stores and weekends just seem to go together. Guess where I was a few days ago…again. I can’t seem to stay away from these places.

I pulled into the parking lot and lo and behold was another restored vehicle. This one was a 1955 Chevrolet Pickup truck.

As I was admiring the truck the owner walked out of the store. We chatted about the vehicle for a few minutes before I asked him if I could get a few shots.

I could build up quite a portfolio of restored classic cars and trucks just by hanging out at the hardware store.







IN THE FIELD: Further Explorations Needed

December 9, 2013 21 comments


Last week I was out exploring a small town not far from where we live. I have driven through the town in the past, mostly as a shortcut to get to somewhere else, but never took the time to stop.

I walked up and down a few streets and not only discovered a wealth of photographic opportunities, but found an interesting town whose history goes back to the early 1700’s.

In the center of town is a hotel built in the late 1800‘s. It has been converted into multiple storefronts, one of which is a cooking school open to folks of all ages. Several old bank buildings decorated for the Holiday season also stand proudly in the center of town.


There are restaurants, a brew pub, small shops, and businesses, and even a bed and breakfast lining the main streets. Many of the older homes and buildings have stained glass windows and ornate iron work adorning the facades.




I’m glad I spent some time wandering the streets. I found all kinds of interesting subjects and look forward to some more snooping around town. I even got to see the Statue Of Liberty!



IN THE FIELD: A Little Splash Of Red

December 3, 2013 33 comments