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INSPIRATION: Assignment; Abundance Of Color

November 4, 2011 34 comments

My latest self assignment was to photograph something with an abundance of color, yet not a classic fall scene. One option I had was to head over to an exotic plant store/garden center located in the next county. I had been there many times before and been fortunate finding interesting subjects to photograph, so I thought this would be a good choice.

Inside the two story conservatory is a man-made tropical mountain at least 20 feet tall covered in exotic plants from all over the world. It even has a waterfall and a pond with small fish. The greenhouses are always filled to the brim with many varieties of flowering houseplants. Displayed outside of the greenhouses are outdoor seasonal plants of all colors.

All of these displays were suitable subjects, but I was looking for something a little different. I headed back inside and as I turned to walk down another aisle in the largest greenhouse, I came across these ornamental pepper plants.

There was the abundance of color I was looking for…red, yellow, orange, purple and green.


IN THE FIELD: October Snow Storm

November 3, 2011 40 comments

As inconvenient as this past weekend’s snow storm has been…we are still running on generator power…I have had some fantastic photo opportunities.

Before the snow melted, I was able to photograph the leaves that were in the midst of changing colors and covered in snow at the same time. In some places, it was easier to get out and walk rather than try to drive the Jeep over the debris blocking the roads.

Since the storm has passed, we have been fortunate to have clear blue skies and wonderful light. Most of the trees still have leaves, some of which have not changed colors yet. Outside of the damage to many of the trees, you would never know that we experienced such an early snowfall.

IN THE FIELD: New View From The Deck

November 2, 2011 29 comments

Where have I been the last few days you ask?

Well…we had a late October snowstorm blow through here this past weekend and it dumped 10+ inches of heavy wet snow on the area.

This storm was predicted to hit our area next, as it had already swept through the western part of the country. Trees and power lines are down everywhere. There has been no power or internet service since 2:00pm Saturday, and it is still out, and not expected to be restored for another three to five days. Last December we had a generator installed, so at least we have the basics… heat, water and electricity for the house. And at this moment, we are running on a feeble wifi connection.

Since we don’t normally receive significant amounts of snow for a month or two, it sure was surprising to see this much snow this early in the season.

The snow has since melted from the trees, and if it wasn’t for the blanket of white on the ground you would think it was a beautiful fall day!