Textures are one of my favorites to photograph, and provide an endless range of options. I am always on the lookout for them.

Trees and their bark are good options. There are many varieties of trees in the area where I live, and each species has a different surface. Leaves on the forest floor or moss around a tree can develop into an interesting composition as well.

Rocks have fascinating textures, as a single specimen or as a group. You can even photograph a combination of rocks and water, allowing you to capture the hardness of the rocks against the softness of water. Old stone walls with their weathered patina provide great opportunities too.

Or how about old rusty machinery. Or an old barn or fence with cracks and crevices allowing you to play with the highlights, shadows and surface texture. You may come across a fence with old chipped paint or a post covered in lichen that sparks your interest. Sand at the beach, sculpted by wind and water, is another good option.

Or if you typically shoot in color, consider exploring black and white for an entirely different look.

Textures are a great subject. Get out and explore…you never know what you may find.

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